EMF Conference – What would be Necessary to Rethink the Iran P5+1 Agreement?

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Dr. Yair Hirschfeld – Vice Chair of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue
EMF Conference 5-7 December 2016
Larnaca, Cyprus

Amidst widespread instability in the Eastern Mediterranean, local powers are using various means in order to increase their influence and boost their presence in the region. In particular, Iran’s profile has been raised as a result of a nuclear deal and lifting of sanctions, as well as due to Iran’s involvement in regional conflicts. The deal has been praised by some as a great diplomatic achievement which will lift Iran from the pariah state status, what will ultimately have a positive impact on the Eastern Mediterranean and the greater Middle East. Others however have expressed great concerns regarding Iran’s growing engagement in the region and penetration of the Eastern Mediterranean, seeing it as a prelude to greater instability.

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