Cyprus in a Changing Geopolitical Environment

Posted by

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
Journalist, Writer and Political Commentator

Although often presented as a conflict propelled by some primordial hatreds based on ethnic and religious differences, the Cyprus conflict is very much rooted in a wider, geopolitical landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean. Due to its strategic location at the crossroads between the Middle East and Europe, Cyprus has been greatly impacted by developments in both regions. One of the main pillars of the West’s security architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean has been the reliance on Turkey as the most important regional ally and a guarantor of stability in this part of the world, enabling it to act in a neo-imperialist and neo-Ottoman manner. This paradigm seems to be crumbling, but no new alternative has been presented so far. Both Cyprus and Greece constitute a part of a wider Western institutional structure, therefore it is crucial they stand up for the principles this structure is based upon and expose Turkey’s shortcomings. However, the West, and Europe in particular, also need to pay close attention to its south-eastern flank and support policies which uphold democratic values at the core of the Western civilization.

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