EMF Conference Introduction: Balance of Power Changes: Putin, BREXIT and Trump

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Air Commodore RAF (Retd.) Andrew Lambert – ERPIC Honorary Chairman
EMF Conference 5-7 December 2016
Larnaca, Cyprus

We seem to be at the strategic crossroads, where the unipolar world is disintegrating and the balance of power is changing. The old powers are losing their sway, while at the same time we are witnessing the rise of new powers, such as Turkey, India, Russia and China. This signals return to the world of great-power rivalry. The value of liberal democracy has been put into doubt, and the validity of the law-based international system is being challenged. In the meantime, the West is going through turbulent times. The rise of nationalism and populism has most recently led to Brexit and to Donald Trump’s election as president of the US. What are the possible consequences of such developments for Europe, the West, and the entire world?

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